Our Level System

Our Level System

At Sankalpa Salon, we want to YOU to be the best version of yourself. We offer an array of prices to suit your needs. Our prices reflect a level system based on each artist’s educational advancements and demand. All our artists are required to complete Sankalpa’s principle-based in-house advanced training program that is designed to raise their skill level, not only their craft but in guest handling and business building. We also offer our artists many opportunities to attend advanced education in the field globally or at our salon.

​Entry Level, level 1

Our entry level associates are looking to gain the experience they need while providing excellent guest experiences, services, and styles at a budget-friendly price. They work one-on-one with a Sankalpa’s in-salon educators to help advance and anchor their skill set as well as Sankalpa’s principles.  Level 1 artists are known for their dedication to enhancing their skills and have an extraordinary creative vibe.  Ongoing education is a constant theme as these artists commit to doing their best to grow their expertise, all while building on the foundations of principle-based learning.

Level 2 & 3

Our level 2 & 3 artists amaze us with their education, demand, and experience. They have met Sankalpa’s artistry standards and have clearly displayed their knowledge and confidence with advanced color, design and finishing. Our artists at these levels have a strong commitment to ongoing advanced education by seeking out new inspiration all while building Sankalpa’s Salon Brand.

Level 4-8

Our top-level artists have outstanding skills and are considered leaders in our industry. With years of advanced training, many certifications and hours spent behind the chair, these artists are often educators in our salon. They share professional knowledge and serve as the backbone of Sankalpa’s hands-on training program.  At this level you will see working partnerships with our entry level associates, which is designed to enhance your service experience with integrated education.